RTW – Hunger Games Survival

I’ve been meaning to start Road Trip Wednesday for weeks now, but something kept getting in the way!  Well, procrastination is over.  Here’s my first trip! Today’s questions : How would you impress the Hunger Game judges? Hmm.  I can shoot a gun and I’m not a bad shot, but I wouldn’t bank my survival … Continue reading

Online pitching 101

I have a dirty word for you… Pitching. There.  I said it. I’ve never pitched an agent or editor in person, but I have had the opportunity to pitch online.  Obviously there are some differences, (when pitching online, pants are optional and you can show up wearing hot pink bunny slippers–in person…not so much) but … Continue reading

The Saturday Sing Along

Tomorrow starts the Scrimmage at Savvy.  In honor of FACELESS, my shiny new WIP, here’s one from the new playlist!

Touching, stewing, and getting Faceless

So wow, it’s been awhile! I kicked June boot camp’s ass and ended up with first draft of TOUCH, my new YA paranormal romance.  I spent the first few weeks of July polishing it up with the help of my awesome Army and had my first query out on the 21st.  My first request came … Continue reading

A song for Saturday

Boot camp starts in just a few days, so this week’s song is from my Reaper playlist.  I actually just heard it for the first time a few nights ago and it laid out the perfect scene in my head, winning a spot on my soundtrack!  Enjoy.

The Editing Song

So this week I’ve been editing/adding to Disappear.  Pushing ahead because as of June first, it’s on to my boot camp book, The Reaper.  So of course, today, instead of editing, what was I doing? This… Yes.  I’m very easy to distract.  It’s a good thing I don’t sleep much or I’d never get anything … Continue reading

A Song for Saturday

Sorry I’ve been slacking lately–no cookie for me!  Here’s your Saturday song.  Also check out The Care and Feeding of Writers on my blog over at Savvy Authors. This one’s from my new YA uf, The Reaper.  Enjoy!

Savvy Author’s PITCH WEEK!

I’m a shy person.  No, really, it’s true!  I’m so shy it’s debilitating at times.  Maybe I don’t come off that way, but trust me, it’s there.  I used to think, hey, no big deal.  As a writer I don’t need to deal with people.  I can hole up in my little corner of the … Continue reading

A Song for Saturday

One of my fave chase scene songs!  Happy Saturday 🙂