RTW – Hunger Games Survival

I’ve been meaning to start Road Trip Wednesday for weeks now, but something kept getting in the way!  Well, procrastination is over.  Here’s my first trip!

Today’s questions : How would you impress the Hunger Game judges?

Hmm.  I can shoot a gun and I’m not a bad shot, but I wouldn’t bank my survival on it.  I’ve got a pretty decent knowledge of the outdoors, but again, nothing WOW-worthy.  I can climb trees, build a shelter, and forage for food, but that stuff would be no match for an opponent like Katniss.  She’d have me eating a mud sorbet before sundown on the first day.  I’m pretty stealthy.  What’s the saying?  Walk softly and carry a big stick?  Not sure what I’d do with said stick since I couldn’t show the judges my (non-existent) uber-mad Taiaha skills.  I’m resourceful though.  Give me a handful of items and a goal and I will find a way to make it work.

*Road Trip Wednesday is the super cool invention of the rockin people over at YA Highway.

*The Hunger Games is an awesome trilogy by author Suzanne Collins.  If you haven’t read them already, What Are You Waiting For?

4 Responses to “RTW – Hunger Games Survival”
  1. Sarah N Fisk says:

    Yeah, based on the RTWs I’ve seen so far, you’d totally win!

  2. katharine says:

    Dude– that sounds like a great set of skills. Climb trees, build shelter, forage and shoot. Are you katniss or what?

  3. Amanda says:

    Yay! Thanks for playing this week 🙂

    Determination can go a long way! You’d give Katniss a run for her money.

  4. Kate says:

    Glad you joined us! 🙂

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