Touching, stewing, and getting Faceless

So wow, it’s been awhile!

I kicked June boot camp’s ass and ended up with first draft of TOUCH, my new YA paranormal romance.  I spent the first few weeks of July polishing it up with the help of my awesome Army and had my first query out on the 21st.  My first request came MOMENTS later.  Then, the next day more started to roll in.

And so began the hardest part of this job.

The waiting.

Since God did not grant me with that lovely little virtue, patience, the best thing for me to do was get my mind off things and start something new.  I took a week off then came back and opened all my WIP’s.  Tried to focus on one, but none of them grabbed me.  I needed something killer.  TOUCH was the most fun I’ve had writing in a long, long time.  It was a riot bringing Dez and Kale to life.  I missed them!

I’ve had a great character sitting on the back burner for a while now, I just needed a good place to put her.  After a few days of trying to pull out a plot that could stand up to TOUCH in my mind, I was ready to give up.

As any writer should know, you can’t force these things.  They need to grow and take on life at their own pace.  As my CP, Heather Howland said, the idea needs to stew.  As usual, she was 100% right!  One minute it was just a watery idea with no hook, the next it was a plot full of scandal, romance, and murder!  A few days later a whole new generation of 90 MPH plot twists were born and the outline for FACELESS came to life.

Now all that’s left is to get the story out.  This is the part I love most!

5 Responses to “Touching, stewing, and getting Faceless”
  1. MandiBear says:

    Nice to see you posting again. Tell me Eddie and the Poll dance will be coming back?

    • Jus Accardo says:

      The Poll Dance is on hold at the moment. I might bring it back, but it won’t be until after the holidays. As for Eddie, he’s is away for the time being. He decided that the humans of this realm just don’t appreciate his blinding beauty. He’s moved on to a place where the toilet water is always blue and the seat is never down. I’m sure he’ll be back eventually though 😀

  2. katyupperman says:

    Love the new blog, Jus! Also, love the new name Touch AND I can’t wait to hear what Faceless is about! I don’t think I’ve ever been so intrigued by a title:)

    • Jus Accardo says:

      Thanks, Katy! I actually had a BLAST fixing it up. Total distraction, but worth it 🙂 I’m starting FACELESS for the scrimmage. You have your WIP picked and ready to go?

  3. Aggy says:

    Glad to hear it! Keep up the great writing! Also nice to see you posting a blog again!

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