Savvy Author’s PITCH WEEK!

I’m a shy person.  No, really, it’s true!  I’m so shy it’s debilitating at times.  Maybe I don’t come off that way, but trust me, it’s there.  I used to think, hey, no big deal.  As a writer I don’t need to deal with people.  I can hole up in my little corner of the world, coffee in hand, and do my thing.  Writers don’t need anyone except the voices in their own head, right?  Um…no.  It doesn’t really work that way.  Writing is not the solitary journey I once thought it to be.

And I’m eternally thankful for that.

A few years ago I started to branch out.  I didn’t know jack about the industry or submissions.  I was totally uninformed about the simple basics of querying…and pitching?  What the hell was that!?  The need to take my writing to the next level, to make a career out of it, became all consuming.  I began dipping my toes into the waters of writing communities here and there, searching for answers, information, and although I didn’t know it at the time, comradery.   It took awhile, each step led me a little further down the path, until I finally found a place to hang my hat. (I can almost hear Heather and Liz cringing at the cliché )

The people at Savvy Authors have been invaluable. If you’re a writer and you don’t yet belong to this community, you’re missing out. Savvy Authors is devoted to helping it’s members along the path to publication. The workshops are fantastic, the forums are a wealth of knowledge, and the emotional and professional support is unrivaled. They create opportunities for writers to get their work out there!  Recently I had the good fortune to chat with several fabulous agents and editors, each of which is giving us an hour of their time to take pitches from our members!

Gather your manuscript and polish those pitches.  PITCH WEEK is here!

The following was taken from the Savvy Author’s site.

A Week of Pitching!


Published: 05-08-2010

Next week, Savvy Authors has lined up FIVE editors and agents to pitch to! Angela James is reading an unlimited number of pitches in a blog contest and the rest are taking six (6) ten-minute pitches in our chat room. Don’t forget to register now! [CLICK EVENTS LINK IN MAIN MENU TO REGISTER!]

Monday, May 10 – Emmanuelle Alspaugh, Literary Agent (Judith Ehrlich Literary Management LLC)
Ms. Alspaugh represents and is actively seeking upmarket fiction, historical fiction, women’s fiction and romance, urban fantasy, thrillers, young adult fiction, and select memoir, narrative nonfiction, and how-to projects.

Tuesday, May 11 – Angela James, Executive Editor (Carina Press)
Carina expects to publish a majority of romance and erotic romance but are also very interested in women’s fiction, science fiction, fantasy, futuristic, mystery, thrillers, horror, and niches.

Tuesday, May 11 – Agent Laurie McLean (Larsen-Pomada Literary)
She’s eager to find excellent steampunk, new weird fantasy, cyberpunk, space opera science fiction, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, post-apocalyptic fiction, non-traditional westerns that are more like the television show The Wild Wild West than Zane Grey, and anything with zombies in it. She is also looking for romance manuscripts in the following subgenres: Regency historicals, Scottish historicals, medieval historicals, paranormal (especially vampires and shape-shifters with a new twist), futuristic and military (especially yummy special-ops heroes). And for the YA and middle-grade markets I am searching high and low for YA romance, anything post-apocalyptic or vampiric, dark fantasy (no sweet fairy tales), dark reality (dealing with contemporary issues) and anything interesting.

Wednesday, May 12 – Kathleen Ortiz (Lowenstein Associates)
She is seeking children’s books (chapter, middle grade, and young adult) and young adult non-fiction. While Kathleen enjoys everything from light-hearted and humorous to dark and edgy, she’d love to find an amazing YA romance from a male point of view or a steampunk with fantastic world building.

Thursday, May 13 – Deborah Werksman (Editoral Manager for Sourcebooks)
Deb is looking for submissions in all subgenres of Romance fiction, including paranormal, suspense, contemporary, erotic romance, and historical (prior to 1900 only).

More details can be found on the Events page of the website including how to register to pitch, so dust off that manuscript and get ready!

~And give a big shout of thanks to Jus Accardo our Savvy Pitch Wrangler!

2 Responses to “Savvy Author’s PITCH WEEK!”
  1. SarahK says:

    I know what you mean about debilitating shyness! My shyness has been very challenging at times. I think it’s great that you are a writer though! That’s a special talent!

    I’ve been getting a lot of help for my social anxiety (shyness) from “Social Anxiety Anonymous” they have free support groups and reading material that is really good.

  2. Katie says:

    Cliche!! LOL

    I couldn’t agree more. Looking forward to hearing how the pitches go!

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