The Wednesday Poll Dance

One of the first interactions I had with my husband will always stick out in my mind. We’d met only a few days before. I was sitting outside, working on a short story. Hunched over a notebook and arguing with myself like a madwoman, he comes up behind me. When he asks who I’m talking to, I tell him the truth. Myself. Most people, when coming upon up to a virtual stranger having an argument with themselves, would probably walk away. Hell, I’d probably RUN away. My guy? He just shrugged it off and sat down. We talked for hours that day. He never asked me why I was sitting in the middle of the driveway talking to myself. He just accepted it.  For some reason, it’s always stuck with me.  In a way, it set the tone for our whole relationship.  Plain and simple, he accepted me.  As is.  Weird quirks and bad habits.

So today I want to hear all about your relationship defining moments. It doesn’t have to be your husband or wife. Anyone, any relationship, will do. Every relationship – friend, lover, even enemy – has that clicking moment. The one where your like ahha! This person totally gets me (or will never get me!). Let’s hear em!

6 Responses to “The Wednesday Poll Dance”
  1. john Casper Pilate says:

    Kind of a weird story.. I met my best friend 10 years ago in a mental hospital of all places. It was dark outside and they would let us go out on the roof to smoke and get fresh air. They don’t let people smoke anymore, show’s you how long ago it was.

    I remember sitting down in front of him as he sat in front of a fence. I walked up to him and introduced myself, said “Hi, I’m John, don’t worry, I’m not a total lunatic.” Something like that. Ever since we’ve been pretty much inseperable (sp). Oddly enough, when people ask us where we met we’re also a little afraid to tell people. With the stigma of being in a mental hospital I guess it’s normal, just a bit awkward I guess.

    Life, it’s just that “strange”.

  2. Carrie says:

    my defining moment would be with my dad. I’ll never forget the day my dad became my dad.. Seems silly for a most people to say since most dad remember becoming a dad but most kids do not remember the moment their dad became “theirs”. I was 3 years old. My mom was raising 3 kids alone, ages 6,3,2. She had been separated from my birth father for a bit adn we were living alone and she was dating a a guy for a while. He loved us like his own, treated us like the most precious things on Earth… we always called him Tommy or Tom, and soon after he started dating my mom, he began staying with us… each night before bed us kids would get in our pj’s and brush our teeth and come out say good night “tommy” or just good night and mom woudl tuck us in, listen to prayers and read to us.. one night they had friends over, we did our normal bedtime business and then all 3 of us went out into the kitchen to say good night and we were all kinda giggly and not sure which one of us thought up the idea, but we all ran out and said good night “Dad: and ran off giggling to bed.. From that nigh tone we had a dad… in love, spirit, and in person… he may not have given us life but he taught us how to live it.. and for the last 28 years I continued to call him dad and to love him as one.. This silly little story was a turning point for us.. up until that day i had a father (whom i never saw nor felt loved by ).. (by my dad’s definition father is a name on a birth certificate… ) and after that day I had a Dad..( by dad’s definition.. being called dad is something you earn) This story was so long ago but fresh in my mind as I will say good bye and see you later to my dad this weekend. He passed away Sunday, and will be missed more than he could ever know… Which is why this memory and relationship is the first that comes to mind…

  3. Aggy says:

    So I’m gonna have to go the sappy route, and describe a “defining” moment with my wife. The biggest reason for this is because I really don’t have “defining” moments with my other friends. My friendships grew and blossomed as opposed to turning a corner in my life. And most of my best friends go back so far that it’s hard to remember back that far. But since I’ve written more than enough about courting my wife, I’m going to bend things a little and go with a defining moment in our relationship as it relates to our life.

    June 25th, 2008: It was a wonderful dinner with my mom (Trish) and Courtney, when my mom met Courtney for the first time. Dinner was great, and Trish liked Courtney. Courtney seemed a little off, which I assumed was because she was meeting my mom for the first time. As we’re getting ready for bed, Courtney looks over to me across the bed and wants to show me something.

    It was on this night that I found out that I was going to be a father.

    Now, we had made the conscious decision to allow this miracle to happen. But the news was a complete mix of excitement and fear. No matter how much I felt ready to be a parent, it was scary. Everything went from “We want to be parents” to “We’re going to be parents”. Over the next few months, the fear mostly subsided and the excitement grew as we both shared in the experience of a first pregnancy. And finally, the birth of our baby girl. And now we’re expecting our second child on June 1st, and I know we’re going to be just fine.

  4. Courtney says:

    At first I wasn’t sure what to write about. There are so many relationships in my life that have defining moments, then I looked over at Kevin, sitting at his computer typing away and realized that my relationship with him is the most important, and that it should be the one I post about.

    I’m trying to think back to the early stages of our relationship and at which point I realized that he was the one I wanted to be with forever. I’d like to say that the first time I saw him I was smitten, but that’s not how it happened. There were so many little moments along the way that make me realize how amazing he really is. Even now I don’t think that it was one single moment that sold me.

    I clearly remember the moment I knew I was going to move to Texas. Up until this point I was considering it, but I was still trying to decide what I really wanted. I’m not saying that I didn’t hesitate after this, I did, but in my heart I knew that I’d spend my life with Kevin.

    We were taking a catamaran ride around the San Francisco Bay. Something about that boat ride was magical. I’m not sure if it was the cold or the smelly bay air or what, but I can remember standing on the boat, looking out towards The Golden Gate Bridge with Kevin standing behind me, his arms around me keeping me warm and secure. It was that moment that I knew that I would be with him forever.

    I never could have imagined how fantastic my life would be.

  5. neekee says:

    amid tears and hysterics, having gotten to emotionally vested, trying to deny that moment of ‘this could be the ONE’ when the last half dozen were so Not. I had confessed every sin, every flaw, every shortcoming, and clearly every reason why i should be locked up and left for lunatic, and without even blinking, taking a breath, or being otherwise affronted with anything, and everything, i had to say (believe me, I was on a Tear, there was Paragraphs spoken) he says to me “….And..?”

    so I thought about it, and brought out some of my less flattering stories, and the horrible responses and overreactions i’ve had in the past. I figured if he was going to walk out of me one day, he was going to know ****ing Everything about me so it wouldn’t surprise him, or change his mind down the road. I even tried to make myself the evil ogre baby eating attention stealing stepsister to her Cinderella that my elder sister paints me to be, and he said “…and?”

    I thought a moment more and while I was looking for more ammunition, he brushed the hair back from my eyes, and just looked at me.

    I kinda knew there was nothing I could say, or do, to change his mind.. Still can’t, the stubborn ox.

  6. danicaavet says:

    When I was in 8th grade, my hair was trying to grow out of a perm my mom had given me. I was in band at the time and that summer, when I attended band camp, I wore a baseball cap to keep the sun out of my face. A girl in the next grade above me told me my hair looked like a Cocker Spaniel’s ears (flat on the top, poofy/wavy on the bottom). I wasn’t hurt. I looked at her and said her hair looked the same.

    It was at that moment we became best friends. Now, 20 years later, we’re still best friends and tell each other the absolute truth, even if it isn’t what we want to hear.

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