WIPaholics 12 step program

  1. We admit we are powerless against our WIPs—that they hold our muse—and our hard drives hostage.
  2. We believe something greater than ourselves—the revision process and editing that comes with it—can and will restore our sanity.
  3. We have made the choice to give our lives over to the care of our Muse.
  4. We will cease extensively researching and move forward with the revision process so that our WIP will one day grace the desk of our dream agent.
  5. We have admitted to ourselves, and our fellow writers, our flaws—and will make a conscious effort not to indulge our WIP obsession until we have made at least one submission.
  6. We acknowledge that we are ready to move forward and tackle our enormous pile of WIPs—by focusing on them one at a time.
  7. We offer chocolate, caffeine, and other indulgent gifts to our muse in exchange for urging us onward toward our publication goal.
  8. We have made a list of the WIPs being neglecting, and are now willing to make amends.
  9. We will continue to move forward with our neglected WIPs, admitting freely when the urge to start another surfaces.

10.  We will, through chocolate and coffee, improve our relationship with our muse, begging for her/his knowledge and guidance.

11.  We will not make excuses.

12.  We will, having had an awakening of epic proportions due to these steps, go forth and spread this message to all other WIPaholics.

And THIS is what I’ve been doing this afternoon instead of editing.  I’m going to start now.  I promise!

Thanks to Liz for saying we needed this! 😀

4 Responses to “WIPaholics 12 step program”
  1. Very fun and very true!!! In addition, my muse often insists I stay up too late into the wee hours, with no care how I’ll feel the next day. Then she just laughs at me.


  2. neekee says:

    my WiP’s arent the literary kind.. in my world they’re UFOs.. Un Finished Objects… and yeah.. I can understand the obsession..

    keep up the good work though. Your obsession will make you nationally available and possible ruined into a movie to bring the gist of the characters to the big screen.. and I.. well.. Will buy everything they print, watch & own the movies and explain to EVERYBODY how the books are So Much Better….


  3. Elijana says:

    My muse ordered me to your blog and is (at this very moment) standing over my shoulder pointing at the post, tapping her foot in that rhthym that let’s you know that you’r e in trouble, and informing me that I must read it, then re-read it until it is seared into my mind and instituted on a daily basis.

    I’m a little scared though, because she brought that quill with her that has one those sharp pointy things on the end that–ouch! What the… aw, man. She broke out the special paper and now I have to sign. In blood.

    Anybody got a bandaid handy?

    ~EK, who is slinking off now to work on revising the ms that must go out (or else, the muse says) on Monday.

  4. LaTessa says:

    I LOVE this Jus. You must give me permission to send this to my crit group.

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