Blowing away the deadline

So we did it!  My crit partner, Katie Ellyson and I have finished the first draft’s of our current WIP’s.  We gave ourselves two weeks, until march 14th, to complete a first draft.  Well, we blew that deadline right out of the water.  We reached our goal a whole 10 days early!  Now comes the, err, FUN PART!  Revisions, revisions, revisions !

My ending word count goal is currently 85K.  I’m sitting at right around 66K.  I’ve got some major work to do!  I need inspiration!  I’ll be posting ON THE OTHER SIDE’s playlist in the next few days, but in the meantime…

Since it’s Saturday, and a song is needed, here’s a good one.

It’s catchy.  Has a unique beat.  It’s the kind of song that will stick the the edges of your brain like over-chewed bubble gum.  You’ll wake up humming this catchy little tune every night for the next week!

Don’t worry, you can thank me later.

And this children, is the reason I should never go several hours without coffee.


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