The Wednesday Poll Dance

Welcome to another Wednesday!  We’re over the mid-week hump and in the home stretch.  The weekend is in sight!  So to tide us over, how about a Poll?

You’ve been waiting for something for a long time.  Put in a ton of effort and hard work.  Blood, sweat, and tears.  Aced the test, got the big account, signed the contract, now what?  Do you go somewhere?  Do something?  Maybe there’s something you’ve been waiting for just the right occasion to buy yourself?  So let’s have it!  How would you celebrate achieving something you’ve been working towards – a personal milestone?

Me?  I’ve had my plans made for a while now.  The day my contract gets signed, I’m off to the city, Limo and all, with family and close friends, for dinner at Ruth’s Chris.  Private room, lot’s of champagne, the works.  Not elaborate, but my idea of a good time.  Good food and the people you love.  Perfection!

3 Responses to “The Wednesday Poll Dance”
  1. neekee says:

    I dunno.. I’ve dreamed about some milestones, but, the delusions of grandeur, I mean, if you’re gonna have them, they oughtta be the big ones right?

    When my eldest graduates high school we’re off to Ireland for a week.

    When I get my Maiden name back, I want to throw a party for all my friends just to celebrate the joy in life. Catered, band, dancing, drinks- the ultimate summer BBQ.

    When I get my first College Diploma.. I don’t know.. I want to do something but, I’ve already got tattoos in the works, piercings on agenda.. what else is there? Take a weeks vacation out to my family cabin, bring my paints, pencils and canvas and just go mad probably..

  2. Katie says:

    I’m going to ditto Kevin on the vow renewal. Jeremy and I eloped before we left Oregon, then had a tiny ceremony when we took pictures at the gorgeous Villa Montalvo in California only a couple of our family members were allowed to attend. It was beautiful but rushed. No honeymoon to date. We’ve always wanted to renew our vows on some exotic beach and do the honeymoon thing right!

    Side note, I used to make the sweet potato pie thingy from Ruth’s Chris every holiday before the world turned into one big allergen for me. Tasty stuff!! When you sign that contract, definitely have a piece for me 🙂

  3. Kevin says:

    Wow, posing the tough questions now… I guess it’s not fair to say we’d celebrate by raising our new baby… Even thought getting there feels like a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. I’d have to say a cruise to Tahiti and renewed wedding vows on the warm beach. Definitely a stark contrast to the snowy (but beautiful) private ceremony we had in the mountains of Colorado on Christmas Eve. Maybe drag along a few friends if the big reward included excess money.

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