Book Quote Of The Day

I’ve been running behind today, still trying to shake this flu/cold thing that just won’t let go.  Better late then never, here’s your quote!

“In some cases, a Vendarian may develop the ability to suspend time. While this happens only rarely, the KDT feels it pertinent to remind you that this skill is not to be used for personal, non work related issues. Avoiding a traffic ticket or skipping out on the dinner check are not considered work related emergencies.”
Gatekeepers – From Chapter 6 – Tricks of the Trade – The Vendarian Handbook

2 Responses to “Book Quote Of The Day”
  1. christi says:

    um when am i gonna get to read these books?

  2. neekee says:

    Hmm.. suspending time at work.. moments to cuss out the stupid S.o.B. on the other end of the phone.. I knew a guy could use the mute button on his phone, also worked CS for a living…

    taking a leisurely lunch without the crimp in pay.. OH! taking a power nap on those days when I’m just frelling exhausted.. Hmm, can I be a Vendarian? .. okay yeah, I know, I’m not that cool


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