The Wednesday Poll Dance

Another Wednesday has rolled along – and it’s a white one!  Finally.  As we near the end of winter, we’re just now getting our first “real” storm of the year.  I suppose I should be thankful.  Driving in it sucks, but it does make a pretty picture 🙂

Now on to today’s question!

In honor of Valentines day, tell us what happened the first time you met the love of your life.  How old were you?  What was your first impression?  Was it love at first sight – did you hate each other?  How did you end up together?  Give us all the details!

I was eighteen when I met my guy.  It was the day before my cousin’s wedding (we were both in the wedding party)  I pulled up to my cousin’s house and there was this tall guy across the lawn, talking to my cousin.  I’d never seen him before, didn’t know his name.  When we were introduced later, I remember thinking, wow his girlfriend’s lucky!

The wedding came and went.  We talked a bit on and off in a group setting, nothing big.  His girlfriend at the time, also in the wedding party, was always around.

A week later a bunch of friends were helping my cousin and her husband move into their new house.  He was one of them.  He called me, out of the blue, and asked me to come hang out.  Now being the clueless individual I am, I had no idea he liked me.  It took awhile, but finally someone smacked me upside the head and told me what was going on.  I wont lie.  I was giddy.  I liked him too, but he had a girlfriend so it’d never crossed my mind.  I don’t believe in cheating and told him so right up front.  He had a choice to make and he chose me.  I didn’t feel the least bit guilty in the end.  His girlfriend had cheated on him.  Repeatedly – then bragged about it to whoever would listen.  She never deserved him.

The really funny part about it all?  We should have met long before that day.  He’d been good friends with my cousins for years.  He’d been in the garage, working under the car countless time’s I’d come to the house.  He remembered my shoes.  The ones with the Roadkill poem written on them  😀   This October, we’ll be together 16 years.

6 Responses to “The Wednesday Poll Dance”
  1. Katie says:

    I love these kinds of stories. Especially since mine is pretty crappy 🙂

    The hubster and I met when I fled the I’m-seventeen-and-alone-in-California period of my life and reunited with my family which had recently moved to Oregon. Wet, soggy, molded-over Oregon. Ugh. I enrolled in community college the following fall, showed up for band practice with my trumpet in hand, and there he was. He decided I was a royal bitch on sight, never mind I hadn’t said anything and was smiling at everyone who looked at me. Didn’t matter. He didn’t like me.

    Which was fine by me, because I thought he was a nerd in muddy hick clothes.

    Fast forward a couple months. We both played trumpet and the friends I made were his friends, so we were stuck in each other’s presence. I had decided to have a slumber party because I hated to be home alone and my family was going on vacation. He made a smart ass comment that he’d go if one of our friends–the most anti-social guys we knew at the time–went. When my friend asked anti-social guy, he responded, “Hell yeah, I’ll go!” The hubster groaned. His fate was sealed.

    We all had a lot of fun that night watching Fargo (anti-social guy was in hysterics the whole time the bodies were being wood-chipped—I’m pretty sure he’s an ax murderer somewhere) and not sleeping at all, despite the fact that we had a gig the next morning. To which the four of us arrived LATE. I fell asleep on the hubster’s shoulder later that afternoon back at school and he shocked me by not shoving me onto the floor. He probably should have, because that was the day I decided I wanted the jerk to ask me out.

    The following summer, we went on our first non-date to see Phantom of the Opera with tickets my mom bought (she answered the door when he picked me up and screeched, “OMG – he looks exactly like Dean Cain!!”). The next day, his sister shoved me into a freezing river without asking if I could swim and his little brother had to fish me out because the hubster didn’t believe I was drowning. When my mom kicked me out a month later, he redeemed himself by picking me and all my crap up, giving me flowers, and taking me to a friend’s house. Then took me to his family’s Thanksgiving and Christmas shindigs so I didn’t have to be alone. We started dating two days before Christmas when I ran into him at the mall and he made me carry my present all over the place (so I didn’t realize it was MINE, the ass) and then kissed me when I dropped him off at his truck.

    We got married 6 1/2 years later. Apparently it took him that long to decide I wasn’t a bitchy Californian out to destroy his Oregonian roots 🙂

  2. Courtney says:

    Kevin got the logistics of how we met down pretty well. I’m surprised (not really) at how much of the details he remembers. For me, the first time I met him at Chipotle wasn’t really “the” moment. I can tell you exactly what I was wearing, down to my shoes, and what he was wearing too. I can even picture the street corner that I first saw him on, but that wasn’t the day that I knew he was the one for me. About a week, I’m not too good with dates and time, after we went to Great America, Kevin had to go back to Texas. At first, I was kind of glad for the break. I wasn’t use to having someone around as often as he was. The attention that he gave me kind of overwhelmed me. The minute that he texted me to tell me that his plane was leaving I felt like a piece of my heart was missing. I realized then that I needed him to be a part of my life. There are a ton of memories that I could share that made me fall more in love with Kevin, they still happen every day, but that was the moment that I knew that he was the one for me. Now, two years later, we have a beautiful daughter and another baby on the way. I couldn’t be happier. Kevin completes me in a way that I didn’t know was possible.

    • deb says:

      Well–I have to say that when Sue (my friend) and I met Kevin were couldn’t believe how much patience he had. He drove us (and Courtney) all over San Francisco. Two “old ladies” and his honey and he just gave us the best tour I could ever imagine. Never complained about the frequent stops, either. We were tired towards the end of the day but he wanted to take us to Sara Winchester’s crazy house–and we were so glad he did. That is well worth the tour if you haven’t been there–what a house! crazy lady… Kevin is still one of the kindest people I know. Good thing you have that huge amount of patience–I think you are going to need it with Ellie and “the Bun!”.

  3. Kevin says:

    March 27th, 2008. I was looking for someone to go to the amusement park with, since I love roller coasters but hate going alone. Courtney responded, and we chatted online over the next two days. We were supposed to go March 29th, but she couldn’t make it as she had drama at her apartment. I went anyway, and had fun (and learned my sister was pregnant). For some reason, I knew I needed to take her to Great America, so I extended my trip in California for an extra week so we could go the following weekend together, and on April 2nd, we met up in person at Chipotle for lunch. We hung out at least two nights after that, then I took her to Great America on Saturday. And I was in love… Eventually, I took her to Disney Land, and one night while she was nannying for a family, she had me on the phone via her headset while she read little poems to the kids. And I knew by the happiness in her voice that I wanted her to be the mother of my children. By the time I finished the project I was in California for, we moved in together and we’ve been in love ever since. Now, we’ve got Ellie who’s nearly a year old, and “Bun” who’s due the end of May. Nope, nothing in my story involves roadkill. But it did involve a poem. 🙂

  4. EmiLy says:

    Aww…i feel all warm and squishy inside after reading that…

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