Book Quote Of The Day

No book quote today. Instead, since I’m in a weird mood (and also seriously sleep deprived), we’ll go with something a little weird…if not slightly off color. I wrote this a very long time ago on a sleepless night. I even had it written out on a pair of Keds I owned. Yes, I was a very strange child. I grew up into an even stranger adult.


There once was a little black bird

The noise that he made was absurd

Then one day out into the road he did roam

Now he will never be going back home

For he hopped out in front of a passing Mac truck

And to the pavement he’s forever stuck

An angel up in heaven high

Waiting to do it in your eye

I’m a writer. We’re all a bit strange.  But I like it that way.

I in no way support any type of animal abuse nor do I take pleasure in the pain and suffering of any living thing. In fact, I tend to pick up strays where ever I go (Hence the house full of large, demanding, and spoiled, adopted dogs) The above post is meant for comedic purposes only.

One Response to “Book Quote Of The Day”
  1. Kevin says:

    You are a bit strange.

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