The Wednesday Poll Dance

Picture a beautiful beach.  Glittering sand.  Clear blue skies above.  A few feet ahead you see a small purple creature with big eyes and a crooked smile.  He looks harmless, but you approach with caution.  You don’t know if he’ll bite.  Sensing your unease, he laughs, a strange sound resembling the braying of a mule.  At least you hope it’s a laugh.

He introduces himself, telling you his name is Chuckles and that he’s a genie.  After a moment of thought, you accept this.  After all, you’ve never seen a genie.

He tells you that in exchange for a wheel of cheese, cheddar to be exact, he’ll grant you three wishes.  The only catch, other than finding a wheel of cheese on a beach, is they must be selfish wishes.  World peace and putting an end to hunger are great, but overdone.  These need to be all about you.  Things you want.  Things you’d enjoy.

So what will it be?  If you had three wishes, what would you ask for?

After some thought, I’ve made my decision.

1.     I’d have the house of my dreams, a log cabin with a custom kitchen, built smack in the middle of 25 acres of forest.

2.     I’d go on a cruise to Italy, with family and friends in tow.

3.     I’d wish for an endless supply of the best drink in the world.  Coffee.  (What?  Did you think I was going to say Rum?)

6 Responses to “The Wednesday Poll Dance”
  1. neekee says:

    Okay, how about a half a wheel of brie? no? didn’t think so…

    well, if I could find Cheddar on short notice;

    #1, I’d want to see myself in 10-15 years from now, talk to her, know that the paths I am on right now are the right directions for me, that the dreams I have are worth following. that the fears I am developing ulcers over can be avoided. Not necessarily telling me How, but that it will be -relatively- okay.

    #2, I want to be recognized for my art. i want studios for all my obsessions:, pottery wheel and kiln, glass blowing, textiles, dies, yarns, loom, paint, pastels, photography, dark room, wood working, lathes, routers, welding, metal shop, air brushing, bead work, jewelery, quilting, costuming, embroidery.. I want to be able to live off the sales of my unique designs, on the property of my custom built round house, hogan style dwelling that’s basically a great room attached to a gourmet designed kitchen, with private bedrooms, library, meditation room, and a baby grand piano in the conservatory.

    #3, to be able to travel and tour the world, to stay for a week at a time visiting friends all over the country, To have my Daughter show me her favorite parts of Rome and Venice. To take my Father to Ireland, my Mother to London…

  2. Mary says:

    1.Improve the economy.

    2.Have Obama resign so he will stop spending taxpayer money and accomplish nothing.

    3.Become rich.

  3. Courtney says:

    Lucky for me, I keep cheese in my pocket for Ellie…

    1. I’m going to have to agree with Kevin on this one, endless bank account. That way I could spend my money on selfless things like homeless animals and such.

    2. I’d really like to be able to fly.

    3. I’d also like a fully stocked fridge all the time, that magically knows what I want when I want it. (I think this is the pregnant me talking 🙂 )

  4. Katie says:

    Let me at that genie! ::waves wheel of cheddar wildly::

    #1 – Supernatural powers to include disapparation, telekinesis, and immortality.

    #2 – Actual writing talent. The kind that made people stand in line for hours to buy my book on release day.

    #3 – Unlimited supply of money. I’d give a ton of it away to whoever needed it, but I’d have to have an unlimited supply with my first two wishes. Can’t work when you’re a writing superhero!

  5. Shadogirl says:

    I want a full time babysitter at my beck and call (for free would be perfect thanks!)

    I want strawberries to be in season all year round

    I would like to own my own tropical island and live there (Tax free!)

    When shall I expect these things? 😀

  6. Kevin says:

    A wheel of cheddar? Got a bit of a cheese fetish going there?

    1. I’d want super powers. Superman would be ideal. 😉 HA! I laugh at your puny bullets!

    2. I’d take an endless bank account. Then I could buy that house of my dreams, and that cruise. Seems easier to just have the money. Arguably, with #1, I could just take the money, but that’s not really my style.

    3. I’d like to own a teleporter. Beam myself anywhere in the world on a whim.

    There, those are my wishes. Unless I think of something better.

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