Book Quote Of The Day

And here it is, another week.  This week’s quote id from a short I did a while back.  I was going to do a Gatekeeper quote but I think my brain needs a vacation.  I’m cleaning this short up at the moment and hope to put it up on the site very soon.

“If she was that sick, why didn’t you call me!”
He shrugged, sheepish look on his face, and turned away. “I couldn’t call.”
“Couldn’t call?”
“The phone lines were dead.”
“You have a cell phone.”
“The cell was dead.”
I gritted my teeth. “What about email?”
“We had no power.”
I could feel the steam building. “For christ sake, you raise carrier pigeons. Next time there’s an emergency, send a damn bird!”
“I couldn’t send a bird. The birds were all dead.”
“She ate them. That’s why she was sick.”
Kendra and Monkie – This side up

One Response to “Book Quote Of The Day”
  1. neekee says:

    I love this wander around to the punchline, you know you’ve had arguments with friends/ family in life just like this, You can hear the ‘facepalm’ even though it wasn’t said..

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