Introducing Eddie

Though I hardly feel an introduction is necessary, I’ve been asked to give one. Kellen, she’s my human, says I should give you all some kind of background information. While I’m sure this is absolutely pointless, everyone knows who I am, I’ve decided to humor her. She’s only human after all…

My name, of course, is Eddie. I live on The Other Side. I am a majestic stallion of epic proportions with supreme intellect and unmatched wit. You may need to shield your eyes when you look at me as I am stunning to behold. Beauty like mine is sure to bring a tear or two to your eyes. I have no Equine equal. My body is the color of pale lilacs while my glorious mane is the deepest royal purple you have ever seen. This suits me as I am convinced I am of royal descent. I can’t prove it but, come on, just look at me!

Jus offered me this little corner of her world in hopes that I would enlighten you all with my endless wisdom every Friday. Just between you and me though, I think she’s looking to ride my coattails. Glean a bit of my fame. It’s all right. I don’t mind that much. She’s alright for someone who walks around on two legs.

One Response to “Introducing Eddie”
  1. christi says:

    Jus is absolutely amazing. As always. lol

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