Book Quote of the Day

Another Monday has arrived and boy is it soggy!  By the end of this afternoon, I’m betting we’ll be able to swim laps in the basement.  Imagine if it was colder?  We’d be buried in snow – which is how it should be.  50 degrees in January is not natural.  At least not here in New York.

But enough about the rain.  On with the quote!

She blushed.  “Nah.  I used to burn toast.  An old boyfriend taught me how to cook.”

“Really?”  I could picture her standing over the stove wearing an “I’m with stupid” apron.  “What did he teach you to make first, hot water?”

She gave a hardy laugh and turned to Max.  God she was even too stupid to know when she was being insulted.

“Roasted potato’s and masturbated chicken,” she declared proudly.

I blinked, sure I’d heard her wrong.  Next to me Tan choked on his beer while Max stared in silence, eyes wide.

I looked around at the surrounding tables.  “Dare I ask how one makes that?”

She beamed and continued.  “It’s not that hard at all!  You clean the chicken then masturbate it for twelve hours.”

Cinda, Tannen, Max, and Kiernan – Into Thin Air (WIP)

2 Responses to “Book Quote of the Day”
  1. Katie says:

    Oh. My. God. I’m dying!! When do I get to read this one??

  2. EmiLy says:

    OMG! I cant believe you put that in a book…that is hilarious!!

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