Book Quote of the Day

As promised, here’s the book quote.  I was going to post one from The Gatekeepers, but for some reason my mind keeps dragging me back to On the Other Side today.  I had a dream about it last night and now I’m uber itchy to get back to it.  Since I still have some scenes to rewrite at the end of Gatekeepers though, I can’t afford to let myself get side tracked.  I decided to satisfy my itch with a quote.

Did it work?


But I intend to behave.  I always behave!  Anyone that told you otherwise was lying.

Here’s your quote:

Ren was the madness to my sanity.  The down to my up.  He occupied every dark place within my mind.  He had poisoned my life like a cancer. Spreading out and infecting every last inch of normalcy until there was nothing left but this.  This sickness.   A scream built but never came.  But that’s only because the floor gave out.

Kellen – On The Other Side(WIP)

4 Responses to “Book Quote of the Day”
  1. Derrick says:

    Is this the one with the horse? Because that was funny as hell!

  2. Katie says:

    Ooooh…. when do I get to read this one??

    • Jus Accardo says:

      I can post some of it up on G-Docs 🙂 It started life as a novella but as usual, I fell in love with the characters and decided to take it further. I’m itching to get back to it…but… Must. Remain. Focused 😀

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